What Are Landscape Features?
The true definition of an ideal outdoor space entails being aesthetically pleasing, can be recreated and used for amusement, and being environmentally friendly. If your landscape lacks all these features, it is time to think about its redesign by incorporating some attractive elements in your yard. Making amendments or maintaining the existing enhancements in your house’s landscape, aesthetically or practically, is called landscape designing. A landscaping feature is any element in your yard that influences the house’s practical functionality or overall curb appeal.

Consult with Sacramento landscape design professionals to refurbish your landscape, allowing you to have a lawn that comprises all three elements. You and your family can get more out of your outdoor area if you design it appropriately. Your landscape will also become a more valued asset to your property.

What Features to Include in Your Landscape?

Incorporating certain features may make your landscape beautiful while making it aesthetically stand out. If you are unsure what elements to add to your outdoor space, we’ve compiled a list of must-haves to complement your renovated lawn.

• Attractive Entrance

Undoubtedly, entrance is the first thing you and visitors notice in your landscape, making it an essential feature of your outdoor space. Selecting the appropriate paving material for the pathway is imperative. Install a wooden arch or arbor to emphasize the main gate, making the entranceway more appealing. You may also construct a trellis on the door and grow vines over it. Plants covering your entryway will make it more vibrant and livelier.

• Walkways

Pathways are crucial components of any lawn, providing your outdoor space with a structured look while adding an intriguing aspect that draws attention. With the availability of a diversity of paving materials, you may create distinct forms and figures for your walkway by selecting different types and colors. If you don’t have a large budget for this feature, choose pea gravel since it is a low-cost yet long-lasting paving material. Natural stones are also good choices. Your pathway will have a perfect amalgamation of hard and softness when you decorate it with decorative grass or moss, making this element even more eye-catching.

• Fireplaces and Firepits

Incorporating an attractive firepit in your yard not only does it offers warmth in chilly summer evenings but also gives you an incentive to go outside and remain there throughout the winter months. You may engage a professional for landscape design in Sacramento to design pits that complement the existing or new hardscaping. In an outdoor setting, fireplaces are significant and more permanent sources of fire.

• Lighting

While inexperienced users can experiment with simple lights, genuinely brilliant design is an art form best left to the professional outdoor lighting designer. They’ll assess the residential’s project needs depending on:

Functionality: The necessities for safety and practical purposes
Accent: These are lights utilized to emphasize specific areas of the landscaping

• Water Elements

A water feature is the most common focal point every residential and commercial building has. Incorporate a fountain if your yard can only support a small or medium-sized water component. Consider placing it in the center to make it your garden’s focal point. To have a sustainable centerpiece, ensure it’s structured and built so that it needs less water than the entire area of your yard. Use durable and water-resistant materials for the construction of the fountain.

• Decking

Outdoor flooring with wood or composite decking gives warmth and natural aesthetics that concrete does not. It complements most building types and fits well with the surroundings. A landscape architect can create a deck of the perfect size, shape, and placement for your backyard.